Art Reflecting our Amalgamated World (USA)

Ende 2015 war Verena Brassels Ausstellung „Art Reflecting our Amalgamated World“ im Evanston Art Center (EAC) in Chicago.
„Evanston Art Center is excited to welcome the public to an exhibition of two-dimensional works by Swiss artist, Verena Brassel. From November 21st to December 20th, the Art Center will proudly showcase Brassel’s works, comprised of two-dimensional paintings and mixed media pieces. Brassel’s paintings are inspired by historical relics and mostly ancient scripts collected from her various trips to the Orient, Morocco and India, as well as the landscapes that surround these historic sites. Her process involves transferring these relics onto hand-made paper and incorporating them as collages into her paintings, often adding soil samples to her palette from these very sites. She has experts translate the script fragments, transforming her paintings into a mediation on the meaning of these texts. The final result is that of a spiritual experience, connecting the viewer with the unique past from each and every piece.“

Hier der englische Medientext dazu.